Welcome to the Amelie's warrior cats WikiEdit

Warrior cats, how they live and all of my own cats and their clans. This wiki will bring the cats into our world!!!

You will meet Dawnbright and the other cats from Moonclan, Sunclan, Rainclan and Cloudclan!!!

The start of the clans......Edit

All clans were fighting endlessly, day and night, until 4 warriors, one from Thunderclan, one Shadowclan, one Riverclan and one from Windclan, all raised their voices and stopped the war. The clans stopped fighting and listened to these warriors. They all went of on a joureny, for their home next to the lake was destroyed with all the fighting and so they came upon a place with prey filled territories and renamed the clans after the four elements in the sky, clouds, rain, the moon and sun.

And so the clans came to be.....

The warrior code                                                          

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