[An original character.]

Stonestream leaf-bare.


Dєѕcяιρтιση αηd PєяѕσηαlιтуEdit

Description: Tinged-grey but white dense pelt, with multi-shaded streaks of dark grey starting at nose, and dark-striped pelt with broad shoulders. Clear whiskers and enormous paws dipped black. Icy blue eyes that stare right into you unblinkingly.

Personality: Stonestream is constantly scheming, and has a strong passion to become Clan leader. But he has a talent to hide it effectively. Some cats think he is too ambitous, and do not trust him. But for the most part he is left alone, to keep on plotting. . . 

Hιѕтσяу Edit

Stonestream was found with two other kits, his sister Tanglethorn, and a brother Waterwind.They are seen from time to time talking with their mother, a white shecat called Cookie. They carried the scent of rogues and crow-food, and were presumed to have been abandoned by their rogue mother. Through cleverness and simply so young, the trio of cats were welcomed into the Clan. Most warriors have forgotten the eventful past of these promising warriors, and concentrate on here and now.

  • Tanglethorn
  • Stonestream
  • Waterwind